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Email Inventor?

We are live in digital world. The numbers of Internet users are increasing every second. E-Mail users also increase every time, but do you know who invent the electronic mail (E-Mail)? The contemporary historian recently found new evidence about who invent and use and send E-Mail for the first time. Please take a closer look this picture as seen below:
Steve Job from Apple, Bill Gate from Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Linux and other king in IT industry will meet in a special conference in Bali to discuss about who invent and sent E-Mail for the first time in the world. They never knew the real man behind the E-Mail invention. So, you should grateful and thankful to Mr. EMAIL SUAREZ. Do you know him?


smarca said...

Hi John!
Your blog is very funny!
I think that you have a VW Puma, it's right?
If positive I would see it.
It's possible?
Regards, smarca.

fabietto said...

Hallo John!
Thank you very much for commenting on my blog!
Your blog is a GENIAL and funny blog! Carry on!

Fabietto ;)

Cyndy said...

Hi John,
Love your blogs! Extremely creative and entertaining. Thanks for the nice comment on mine.

dodo said...

LOL! Very good!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

..(Λ).. said...

Thanks for your good words! We have already be one of your global friends. If you would like, we would be very happy to see in our globalfriends your name. Keep going your good work.