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The Untold Story

Best Friends
Young George Bush & Saddam Husein

As we know, George Bush, the American president asked his army to attack and invade Iraq. We also believe that Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi President has met his end at the ropes. Bush attacked Iraq because he got fake reports that Iraq possessed many deadly weapons. After the war, we also got another report that the weapon never existed at all. Well, this history is very bad, but you must know the untold story.

A contemporary historian found some pictures in an old house in Texas, USA. The same pictures were also discovered in Baghdad, Iraq. The historians crosschecked the authenticity of those pictures. They used the latest tools and a brand new computer with sophisticated software and a special scanner to make sure that those pictures are original.

After a long examination and very complicated discussion, the historian decides that those pictures are original. They also mentioned that since George Bush and Saddam Hussein were still young, they were best friends.

Yes, as you can see, they were very happy in these pictures, but why they hated each other and made thousands of Iraqi people and American soldier die during the war, we do not know. The final report will open to public in 2010.

Having fun together (The Golden Years)

When they will meet again?


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