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Good Humor Good Life

Make yourself happy. Life is too short to worry. Your smile can make other people smile back to you. Let’s make other people also happy. Healthy life begins from your good habits. When we meet our friends, family or colleagues don’t forget to show your sense of humor.
A small joke or anecdote can break the ice. They will smile or laugh because of your funny story. So, you can make other people happy. If they're happy, your day will also become much happier. Laughter is free and the best medicine.


Viscondi said...

Thank you for your visit to SohPhotos. Glad you enjoyed. Come again. It will be a pleasure to welcome you.

Sheila said...

I agree laughter is great. Sometimes it's fun to try to get the office stick in the mudd to laugh. Even if it doesn't work you have that underlying knowledge of your attempt.

safura said...

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